CrossFit Angier Teams Ready to Compete for a Cure: Spotlight on the Upcoming Girls Gone Rx Competition

Ready To Compete
Crossfit angier teams ready to compete for a cure: spotlight on the upcoming girls gone rx competition

This weekend, two teams from CrossFit Angier are gearing up to compete in an exciting CrossFit Competition. This special event is no ordinary competition, though—it’s a chance for athletes to push their limits and make a difference in the world.

Meet the Teams

CrossFit Angier will be proudly represented by two teams in the competition. The first team consists of Zee, Nancy, and Kristin, all of whom have shown dedication and passion in their CrossFit journeys. The second team is comprised of Haley Anderson, Nilsa, and Haley Huntley. These athletes, too, have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their fitness goals and the CrossFit community.

The Details

The competition is set to take place on Saturday, June 10, 2023, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Tarheel CrossFit, located at 1530 North Bragg Boulevard, Spring Lake, NC, 28390, United States. The teams will participate in four workouts throughout the day.

About the Competition: Compete for a Cure

The event, “Compete for a Cure,” is more than just a competition. It is an opportunity to make a difference, with the event benefiting a breast cancer charity of the same name. Girls Gone Rx, the organizer of the event, is known for bringing together women who are dedicated to empowerment and uplifting others. Their focus is on community over competition, celebrating and lifting each other up​1​.

Since its inception, Girls Gone Rx has raised over $1 Million for breast cancer charities across the globe​1​. This year, the teams from CrossFit Angier are thrilled to be part of this inspiring mission.

Join in Supporting the Cause

One of the participants, Haley Anderson, has reminded us that the fundraiser is still open. If you’re considering supporting this cause and our teams, you can make a donation by visiting the fundraiser page.

We are immensely proud of our athletes who are not only dedicated to their own fitness journeys but also strive to make a positive impact on the community. Let’s cheer on our teams as they compete this weekend, and remember, every donation helps make a difference.

Good luck to our teams. We can’t wait to see you bring the spirit of CrossFit Angier to the competition floor!