Boost Your Recovery with the Shoulder Health Workshop at CrossFit Angier

Recovery With The Shoulder
Boost your recovery with the shoulder health workshop at crossfit angier

The CrossFit community knows that strength isn’t just about lifting weights—it’s about building resilience, fostering community, and promoting overall health. After the successful “WoD for Inclusion” fundraiser for the NC Special Olympics, CrossFit Angier continues to showcase its commitment to fostering wellness beyond the daily workouts.

On June 24, 2023, at 10:00 am, Dr. Kelly Hobbs from Stay Active PT & Wellness, LLC will lead a Shoulder Health Workshop at CrossFit Angier. This event underscores the importance of joint health in maintaining an active lifestyle and improving athletic performance.

The human shoulder is incredibly complex, designed for a wide range of motion but susceptible to strain and injury, especially in high-intensity activities like CrossFit. This workshop will provide invaluable insight into keeping your shoulders healthy and resilient. Dr. Hobbs, with her extensive expertise in physical therapy, will demonstrate preventative techniques and rehabilitation exercises aimed at promoting shoulder health.

Jason, the owner of CrossFit Angier, strongly believes in the importance of such initiatives. “Health is holistic,” he said. “Our aim is to help our members improve not just in strength and endurance but also in mobility, flexibility, and injury prevention.”

The Shoulder Health Workshop is suitable for all fitness levels, from newcomers to seasoned CrossFit veterans. The focus will be on effective methods for enhancing recovery, optimizing athletic performance, and promoting long-term health and wellbeing.

To register for the Shoulder Health Workshop at CrossFit Angier, please click here. Space is limited, so be sure to secure your spot today. If you have any questions, call Stay Active PT & Wellness at 919-228-8822.

CrossFit Angier continues to provide exceptional support to its members, and this workshop is another opportunity to grow, learn, and strengthen together. By embracing the CrossFit philosophy—constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity—we also accept the responsibility to care for our bodies through education and preventative measures.