Celebrating Our Q4 Birthday Stars at CrossFit Angier!

Crossfit Angier
Celebrating our q4 birthday stars at crossfit angier!

As the year winds down, it’s not just about holiday feasts and New Year resolutions at CrossFit Angier. It’s also about celebrating the special days of our members born in Quarter Four. These athletes have not only added another year to their lives but also countless milestones in their fitness journeys.

Celebrating Every Milestone

Each member has a unique story, from their first hesitant step into the gym to their latest deadlift PR. Let’s give a shoutout to our Q4 birthday stars!

1. The Dynamic Duo of Nov 24

  • Amber Parker – Joined us earlier this year, Amber’s energy is as infectious as her progress is inspiring.
  • Kristin Eck – With us since early 2022, Kristin has been exemplifying strength and dedication.

2. Fitness Journeys of Nov 24 & 26

  • Maria Moreno and Rodney Landtroop share more than their birth month. Both new members in 2023, they’ve quickly become integral parts of our community.

3. The Late November Gang

  • Melissa Kelley, Alison Robertson, and Jessica Blotter – These ladies are not only amazing athletes but also amazing people!

December Stars Shine Bright

  • Anneliese Tebedo and Murat Nurkassymov – Both bring a unique zest to our workouts.
  • Hollis Vilagos, Brian Eaton, Ryan Schlick, and Allen Boyer – Celebrating in mid-December, they remind us that fitness knows no season.
  • DeAndre Lamar and Anthony Davis – As they celebrate their birthdays, they’re proof that age is just a number in our fitness journey.
  • Meghanne MacDonnell and Matt Ellis – Our December 20 and 24 celebrants, showing that the holiday spirit and fitness goals can indeed go hand in hand.

A Year of Growth

This year has been remarkable for each of these members. From smashing personal records to overcoming challenges, they’ve shown what it means to be #AngierStrong. Their birthdays are not just a celebration of age, but of persistence, resilience, and the joy of being part of a community that sweats and smiles together.


As we celebrate these special days, let’s remember that every workout, every lift, and every drop of sweat is a step towards becoming our best selves. Happy Birthday to our Q4 stars! Your CrossFit Angier family is proud of you and excited to see what the next year brings.

Want to join a community that celebrates your fitness journey and your special milestones? Come check out CrossFit Angier, where every member’s story is an inspiration. Contact us at info@crossfitangier.com and be a part of our fitness family.

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