The Hunchback of the Gym: A Deadlift Tragedy – CrossFit Angier

The Hunchback of the Gym: A Deadlift Tragedy

Once upon a time in the mystical land of CrossFit Angier, a brave soul embarked on a quest to conquer the mighty deadlift. Armed with determination and a playlist filled with pump-up jams, our hero approached the barbell, ready to lift like never before. But alas! A tragedy unfolded.

The hunchback of the gym: a deadlift tragedy - crossfit angier

The Curious Case of the Rounded Back

You see, dear reader, our hero had fallen victim to the dreaded “Hunchback of the Gym” syndrome. Instead of keeping a straight and strong back, they rounded it like a cat arching at the sight of a cucumber. The weights went up, but at what cost?

The Gym Gurus Weigh In

The wise coaches of CrossFit Angier, witnessing this deadlift debacle, rushed to the rescue. With furrowed brows and a chuckle, they explained, “Rounding your back during a deadlift is like putting ketchup on a steak. It’s just not done!”

Lessons Learned and Laughs Shared

Our hero, enlightened and slightly embarrassed, learned the importance of proper form. They discovered that a rounded back might make you look like a gym wizard casting a spell, but it’s a one-way ticket to Snap City (and we don’t mean Snapchat).

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