Fueling Your CrossFit Performance: The Role of Nutrition


Hey CrossFit Angier fam! You’ve got the WODs down, your form is on point, but have you considered the fuel that’s powering your performance? That’s right, we’re talking about nutrition—the unsung hero of your CrossFit journey. 🍎🥩

Role Of Nutrition
Fueling your crossfit performance: the role of nutrition

Why Nutrition Matters

Think of your body as a high-performance vehicle. Would you fill a sports car with low-grade fuel? Nutrition is the premium gas that powers your CrossFit engine, affecting everything from your stamina to your recovery.

The Building Blocks: Macros and Micros


Proteins, fats, and carbs are the big players that provide you with energy.


Vitamins and minerals may be small, but they’re mighty. They support everything from bone health to immune function.

Timing is Everything: Pre and Post-WOD Nutrition


A balanced meal of complex carbs and protein can set you up for success.


Recovery starts in the kitchen. Think protein and simple carbs to replenish those depleted glycogen stores.

Real-Life Success Stories

Meet Jordan, who increased their deadlift PR by 20% after optimizing their nutrition. Or Karen, who slashed their Murph time in half thanks to a revamped diet.


Nutrition isn’t just about looking good; it’s about performing at your peak. So the next time you’re meal prepping or grabbing a post-WOD snack, remember: you are what you eat, so eat like a champion.