Fueling Success: The Ultimate CrossFit Nutrition Guide | CrossFit Angier

Eat Like a Champion: The CrossFit Angier Guide to Nutrition

Crossfit Nutrition
Fueling success: the ultimate crossfit nutrition guide | crossfit angier


Ever wonder how to turn those kettlebell swings and burpees into pure, unadulterated muscle and energy? If you’re nodding like a bobblehead in a windstorm, you’re in luck! We’re about to serve you a delicious dish of knowledge, CrossFit Angier style.

Section 1: The Building Blocks

1.1 CarbsNot Just for Pasta Lovers!
Carbs are your energy’s best buddies. Think of them like the gas in your car’s tank. Good sources include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

1.2 ProteinsMuscle’s Best Friend!
Protein helps repair and build muscles. It’s like having a team of tiny builders inside you, hammering away. Lean meats, eggs, and tofu are top-notch choices.

1.3 FatsNot All Fats Are Created Evil!
Healthy fats fuel those long workouts. Think avocados, nuts, and fish. It’s the good stuff that keeps your engine purring like a kitten.

Section 2: Timing is Everything

2.1 Pre-Workout Meals
Fuel up 1-2 hours before the big sweat-fest. A balanced meal with all three building blocks will get you ready to conquer the world—or at least the WOD.

2.2 Post-Workout Recovery
After your workout, refuel with protein and carbs. Consider it a high-five to your muscles for a job well done.

Section 3: Supplements & Hydration

Need an extra kick? Supplements like creatine or protein shakes can be the cherry on top. And don’t forget to hydrate! Water is the VIP of your workout party, so keep those bottles filled.


CrossFit Angier doesn’t just provide you with world-class equipment and trainers. We offer wisdom, served hot and fresh. With our ultimate guide to nutrition, you’ll be fueling your success and turning heads in no time. Ready to taste victory? Join us now!

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Remember, CrossFit friends, nutrition isn’t just about the food on your plate. It’s about fueling your success, one delicious bite at a time. Now, pass the avocado, and let’s get fit together!