CrossFit Angier: Smashing Records

CrossFit Angier members have recently tested their max in back squat, deadlift, and bench press, achieving outstanding results. With numerous new CrossFit Angier Records, our athletes showcased their progress and commitment to fitness.

New Personal Records in Squats

At CrossFit Angier, athletes pushed their limits in back squats, resulting in several new personal records.Congratulations to Jared, Blake, Joey, Ben, Peter, Maria, Kim, Derek, Jessica, Kelly, Nancy, Lori, Kathryn, Meghanne, Cindy, Cassandra, Richelle, Lauren, Zenia, and Tracy. Link to squat technique tips

Crossfit Angier
Crossfit angier: smashing records

Deadlift Success at CrossFit Angier

Our dedicated athletes continued to excel, achieving new personal records in deadlifts. Kudos to Cameron, Blake, Ben, Beth, James, Peter, Jessica, Alison, TaJuana, Kim, Margarita, Maria, Zenia, Nancy, Cindy, Adrianna, Kristin, Christy, Meganne, and Jackson. Link to deadlift variations

Crossfit Angier
Crossfit angier: smashing records

Bench Press Personal Bests CrossFit Angier

Records were also set in bench press, highlighting the commitment and hard work of our athletes. Congratulations to Jeffrey, Cameron, Blake, Jared, Peter, Derek, Jackson, TaJuana, Ian, Maria, James, Melissa, Haley, Kelly, Zenia, Jessica, Katie, Adrianna, Kim, Britni, Kathryn, Christy, and Carlota. Link to bench press tips

Crossfit Angier
Crossfit angier: smashing records

All-Time CrossFit Angier Records

In addition to recent personal records, our athletes have also set some impressive all-time gym records. For men’s bench press, Jeffrey and Ryan share the top spot at 335 lbs, followed by Brian at 315 lbs. Women’s bench press records are held by TaJuana at 155 lbs, Maria at 150 lbs, and Melissa at 135 lbs. The all-time deadlift records for men are Jeffrey with 505 lbs, Brian with 495 lbs, and Ryan with 460 lbs. For women, the records are held by Hollis at 315 lbs, Beth at 285 lbs, and Amy at 265 lbs. Finally, the all-time back squat records for men are Ryan with 435 lbs, Brian with 410 lbs, and Jeffrey with 385 lbs. The women’s records are held by Hollis at 242 lbs, Maria at 225 lbs, and Kim at 225 lbs.

The Importance of Tracking Progress

Setting and achieving personal records is a vital aspect of progress in any fitness journey. Tracking these achievements helps keep motivation high and fosters continuous improvement. Link to the benefits of tracking fitness progress

CrossFit Angier’s Supportive Environment

CrossFit Angier fosters a supportive environment that encourages members to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. Our dedicated coaches and tight-knit community play a vital role in our athletes’ success. Link to CrossFit Angier’s coaching philosophy

Crossfit Angier
Crossfit angier: smashing records

Tips for Achieving Personal Records

To help CrossFit Angier athletes continue setting personal records, it’s essential to focus on proper form, consistency, and training with intensity. Don’t forget the importance of rest, recovery, and proper nutrition to fuel performance. Link to tips for setting PRs

Celebrating Achievements and Community

CrossFit Angier takes pride in the accomplishments of our athletes and values the strong sense of community within our gym. Celebrating these milestones together encourages camaraderie and motivates members to keep striving for new goals. Link to building a strong gym community

Crossfit Angier
Crossfit angier: smashing records


CrossFit Angier athletes have demonstrated remarkable dedication and progress in setting new personal records in back squat, deadlift, and bench press, as well as establishing impressive all-time gym records. Their achievements are a testament to the supportive environment and coaching excellence at CrossFit Angier. As our community continues to grow and thrive, we look forward to celebrating even more milestones together.

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