CrossFit Angier 2023 Open: A Celebration of Strength, Perseverance, and Community

The CrossFit Angier 2023 Open has come to an exhilarating close, and it’s time to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our participants and winners. The event was filled with passion, determination, and camaraderie, as athletes pushed their limits and inspired one another. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the amazing accomplishments of our community and the winners in each category.

The Power of Community

The CrossFit Angier Open brought together athletes of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to compete in various workout categories. The event showcased not only the physical prowess of the participants but also the unyielding support and encouragement within our CrossFit Angier family. This sense of unity is a testament to the strong foundation and values that our gym stands on.

Celebrating Our Winners

Our CrossFit Angier 2023 Open winners demonstrated exceptional performance, commitment, and passion for fitness throughout the event. Their achievements deserve recognition and celebration. Here’s a rundown of the winners in each category:

Mens RX

  1. Jeffrey Salguero
  2. Dane Moore
  3. Jason Tebedo

Mens Scaled

  1. Ryan Post
  2. Allen Boyer
  3. Ben Spear

Mens Masters RX

  1. Johnny Tallitsch
  2. Derek Ray

Mens Masters Scaled

  1. Derek Ray
  2. Johnny Tallitsch

Womens RX

  1. Sarah Moore
  2. Hollis Vilagos
  3. Nilsa Lucio

Womens Scaled

  1. Kelly Nystrom
  2. Nancy Montero
  3. Xenia Lukens

Womens RX Masters

  1. Thea Lewis
  2. Beth Dowdakin

Womens Scaled Masters

  1. Sarah Ray
  2. Cindy Gossard
  3. Susanne Verville

Judge-asaurus: Hollis Vilagos

Spirit-saurus Rex: Hollis Vilagos

Biggest Fan: Chandler Carlisle

The Heart and Soul of the Open A special mention goes to Coach Chandler, who guided our athletes with expertise and dedication during the Open. Furthermore, we’d like to express our gratitude to our incredible team leaders – Johnny, Beth, Haley, and Kelly – who tirelessly organized and supported their team members.

Beyond the Podium

The CrossFit Angier 2023 Open also recognized individuals who embodied the spirit of the event. Congratulations to Hollis Vilagos, our Judge-asaurus and Spirit-saurus Rex awardee, and Chandler Carlisle, our Biggest Fan. Their enthusiasm and dedication played a crucial role in making the event a success.

The CrossFit Angier 2023 Open was a celebration of strength, perseverance, and community. As we look back on the memorable moments and incredible achievements, we’re filled with pride and gratitude for our CrossFit Angier family. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue to strive for greatness and grow stronger together.

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